In 1896, Edward and Mattie Talpey established The Goldenrod on the very site where it stands today. The following year saw the arrival of the first electric trains of the Portsmouth, Kittery and York Railway.

As the first stop for many visitors who traveled on the railway, The Goldenrod’s fame spread once word got out about fine foods and candies prepared in the best New England tradition. The pride of the shop was our delicious Goldenrod Kisses, saltwater taffy, which Talpey pulled by hand, standing in the front window.

The inspired Talpey leadership is still very much in evidence today as The Goldenrod’s time honored recipes are produced according to exacting standards of care and cleanliness, purity of materials and the pride that multiple generations of family candymakers bring to their craft. Over 120 years later the best show in York Beach is still taking place in the front windows of The Goldenrod. Parents continue the summer tradition of gathering with their children to watch the candy makers perform their taffy magic. The world-famous Goldenrod Kisses are made fresh daily to the tune of about eight million pieces of taffy a year, or over one hundred thousand pounds…that is over fifty tons of smooth, sticky, sweet Goldenrod Kisses.

Stop by our shop next door, the Beach Funatic, which features toys, kites, games and beach supplies. To learn more about The Goldenrod be sure to check out our television commercial and slideshow.

207 visits the Goldenrod

207 Visits The Goldenrod

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