The Beach Funatic Lobster Cove
The Art & Science of Salt Water Taffy

Cooking: Using the recipe created in 1896 by Edward Talpey, the taffy is cooked to a precise temperature in big copper kettles.  Cooking time and temperature vary depnding on weather conditions, and the secret of perfect taffy is knowing how to read the New England weather.
Cooling:  After reaching the precise cooking temperature, the boiling taffy is poured onto special cooling tables.  The taffy is cooled into sheets and when it has been cooled to the right temperature and consistency, it’s transferred onto the pulling machines.
Pulling:  This process was once performed by throwing taffy over a hook mounted on the wall and then pulling by hand.  Today the taffy is pulled and fluffed to twice its size by the Goldenrod’s highly-polished chrome plated, mechanical pulling machines.
Wrapping:  After being pulled to the proper consistency, the candy is rolled and fed into the kiss cutting machine. 180 pieces per minute of chewy, bite-sized kisses are twisted into Goldenrod’s destinctive wrappers.
So bring the family and enjoy an unforgetable experience as we make
our delicious salt water taffy before your eyes.